A tale of three merchants

You live in Sippar beside the river Euphrates. Your father is an important merchant. He wants you to learn about the life of a merchant and the goods carried from Sippar along many different trade routes.

One bright morning he takes you to the city gate and introduces you to several merchants. The merchants are all leaving Sippar to visit other cities where they will exchange their goods for others. Your father suggests that a good way to learn about trade is to accompany one of them on a journey.

You have a choice of three merchants: Which merchant do you want to go with?

Nur-Shamash is travelling through the city of Ashur and over the mountains to the trading colony of Kanesh. There he will trade his textiles for silver and gold.

Iddin-Sin is travelling by boat to the island of Dilmun. There he will trade his grain and textiles for carnelian, copper and pearls.

Nabium-malik is travelling by donkey north to the city of Mari. There he will trade textiles and fish oil for wine and timber.

Which merchant do you want to go with?