The Challenge -  

The Never Ending Puzzle

When archaeologists find clay tablets during an excavation, they are often damaged or broken into pieces.

Sometimes it is possible to put tablets back together again. However, this is not a simple process. Scholars need to study the shape and colour of the pieces, as well as the cuneiform writing on them. Occasionally, they will find pieces which fit together and complete the text. This is called a 'join'.

After 'joins' are identified, the pieces are sent to a conservator. The conservator joins the pieces together using a special glue.

You are a young assistant in the museum. You have been given a box of pieces to sort through. Your job is to rebuild as many complete tablets as possible.

Move the pieces around on the sorting table to see if any fit together. When you think you have made a 'join', send the pieces to the join tray. If you join them correctly, the pieces will be fixed together by a conservator.